Seasoned Managers

An essential part of success in private equity investing is superior operations at the portfolio company level. Deal structuring is only part of the equation. We believe, regardless of market conditions, a company with solid, proven operations will always command a premium in the market. Over the long history of the firm, Saugatuck has developed strong relationships with management teams who have demonstrated an ability to implement and manage such operations. Our network of seasoned managers brings executives with experience in a wide breadth of industries. They have proven themselves in companies of different sizes facing a number of different challenges. We often work with these managers in identifying opportunities that meet our investment criteria.

These executives provide managerial knowledge and industry expertise that not only help with finding new portfolio companies, but provide an invaluable resource for ensuring the success of each investment. Saugatuck can tap this pool of talent to help with due diligence or to serve as board members. In addition, although Saugatuck invests in businesses that have outstanding management, at times it is necessary to strengthen the existing team. We can call on these executives to fill many managerial needs. Saugatuck has teamed up with these managers time and again in order to achieve the best possible performance from our portfolio companies.