Board of Advisors

Saugatuck has an independent Board of Advisors comprised of executives with a broad range of backgrounds and experience encompassing both financial and operating roles. The Board of Advisors is a key part of the Saugatuck network. This group of individuals has extensive knowledge, which we draw on both while analyzing potential new investments, as well as in our role as advisors to our portfolio companies.

The best leads for deal flow come from proprietary sources. The Board of Advisors has brought many worthwhile transactions to our attention. Because they are familiar with both our investment criteria and the partners, they are able to identify opportunities that Saugatuck would find very interesting. Due to the nature of the relationship a board member may have with the seller, often Saugatuck is the only investor brought in to assess a transaction.

In addition to providing Saugatuck with contacts for new transactions, the Board of Advisors helps with current investments. The wide range of industry and financial relationships of the executives that serve as board members, comprise an important part of the Saugatuck network.