Tulip Corporation


Tulip’s Molded Products Division is an innovative, vertically integrated company that manufactures injection molded plastic products and lead bushings and distributes them both in the U.S. and internationally. Tulip’s line of products includes containers, covers and vents for lead-acid batteries, recycled propylene material and lead terminals, as well as custom molded products used in both automotive aftermarket and industrial batteries. The Company’s largest end market is the automotive aftermarket battery segment, where it has a leading market share in the independent producer market. It is the only vertically integrated manufacturer of molded plastic products in the market, which provides the Company with unique cost advantages relative to its competitors. This vertical integration includes three different operational procedures: reprocessing plastic material, injection molding, and the cold forming of lead. Collectively, this vertical integration provides Tulip with greater cost control over its raw materials, thereby allowing it to be more competitive in the market. In addition, Tulip possesses in-house custom design and production capabilities for customer-specific applications.