Lunada Bay Corp.

Lunada Bay Corp. (“Lunada Bay” or the “Company”) which does business under the Lunada Bay Tile, Murrine Mosaics and Accents in Tile brand names, creates handcrafted glass, ceramic and concrete tiles for the remodeling and architectural and design markets. Lunada Bay is one of the largest national designers and suppliers of high-end decorative tile. Since its inception in 2000, the Company has established a well-known and recognized brand name within the industry and among its high-end showroom distribution channels. The Company manufactures glass, ceramic and concrete tiles with an emphasis on simplicity, texture and color. Its design staff uses specialized manufacturing techniques in concert with its suppliers that create effects unlike any other source in the industry to develop products that resonate with, and inspire, the way people want to live. The Company is headquartered in Harbor City, California.